Video Production Service - Step 1

Create a Slideshow Intro Video For Business Marketing
- $30 USD

Press the button to edit this template and make a transforming 3D cubes video.
With this business video template, you can create a professional video slideshow to promote your business. You can insert up to 11 video clips or photos and 8 text lines, which are displayed in a 3D world with reflections on the floor. The result is a video for business marketing that looks really good.

We already wrote a nice example script, and you can replace it with whatever fits your business. The types of business this template can be used for are unlimited, such as a modeling agency, a gallery, or a marketing company just to mention a few. In the example above, we promote a company that helps businesses increase their sales.

How to make a slideshow video to promote your business? Press the button above to customize this template with our easy to use, cloud-based video maker. Then you will be presented with a simple online video editor where you can replace the existing content of the template with your own photos, text, and music.

When you are done customizing the template, our video production software will generate a free test video that you can download, and after you approve it, you'll have the option to purchase the Full HD video without watermark for the one-time price displayed above.

Our goal is to provide your users with the most user-friendly platform possible, to create an animated video for business. Our users span from the small entrepreneur to big corporations all over the world.

Our video templates were made by talented video animators, using Adobe After Effects, the most professional video production software available today, running on powerful servers that render the video simultaneously, thus reducing the rendering times significantly.

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