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Make A Light Streaks Logo Animation With Youtube Intro Creator

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This template has a very colorful and exciting animation of light streaks with adjustable colors that form a logo at the very end of the intro. 3D animated water and reflection make the intro look very realistic. It will suit any business advertised online on YouTube or any other social media channel.

How are the light streaks created?

Light streaks or light trails are made with special effects inside the template. A trail of light following the flare to create a beautiful bright animation is made of thousands of particles that form a light streak.

With the help of a camera and some lighting, the animation looks very realistic in the 3d dimension and makes the video look very lively. If you watch a meteor pass by Earth, you can see it has a light trail behind it. This is what the animations tried to produce inside this template, only in much faster motion.

Two light trails that fly around the screen explode at the end like fireworks to form a logo shape above the puddle of water. The reflection in the water of flying around light streaks makes the animation look very real and professional.

How to use a logo animation in your advert?

Logo animation is usually between 10 up to 20 seconds in duration. There are many ways to use it to advertise your business or product to the viewers. If you hold an online study course and you need to have a lot of tutorial videos.

You can place your logo animation intro at the very end of a tutorial video to provide the information to the viewer, who is responsible for such a great tutorial and where to get more.

If you have a shopping website that you want to promote to a wide audience in every country in the world, you can upload it to every social media channel and website. This way, people will know who you are and where to find you.

If you already have an explainer video with your product or services and want to add a nice-looking logo animation intro to it, you sure can do so. By combining logo animation and explainer video, you will make sure people have essential information about what you are offering and where to find you.

Placing it at the end of the video or very beginning doesn't matter, but most people are adding it to the end of the video. It doesn't matter how you use the logo animation, as long as it looks professionally done and uploaded to the right channels.

How to use our YouTube intro creator?

The software we propose to our customers is a unique online tool that creates vast possibilities for everyone in need of advertising video or intro. It's complicated, but at the same time, it's easy to use software and free to try for everyone. Videos and intros that are made with the help of our YouTube intro creator look very professional and high-quality and suitable for any ad.

In the light streak logo animation template, you don't need to do much to make an excellent intro. You need to pick colors for two light trails, upload your logo, and insert your web address. In a matter of a few minutes, you will be presented with a sample video for review to make sure you're completely happy with it before you buy it.

Try out YouTube intro creator for free! We are sure that the result will not disappoint you in any way. Please, take advantage of our monthly subscription to produce as many HD videos as you want. We hope to see you on our site again soon for more videos.
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