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Kinetic Typography Generator - Create Your Own Animated Text Video

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This animated kinetic typography video template will help you promote your business, product or service in a very cool way. It is very dynamic with up to 60 lines of text, has the possibility to change colors and use 1 logo design.

How to create a kinetic typography video? Just press the button above to start creating your animated text video. Kinetic typography videos are great as a marketing video for promoting a business. Get started now and get your video in minutes. It is free to try all our video templates.

The work you have to do is very straight forward. When the template video editor opens, you will see a dashboard with 3 tools. The first tool is for customizing the template and insert your content. The second tool is for changing the music. And the third tool is used to produce the video.

Notice that because the templates have a fixed design, you cannot create a video from scratch and you cannot add or remove slides. The template is already pre-designed, so the only thing you have to worry about is replacing the existing text and photos with your own.

Should you desire to cut something out from the video, use another video editing software to accomplish that after you get the mp4 video file from us.
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